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PDO Paros

The best grapes of the Monemvasia variety are carefully picked from our vineyards, based on their quality and maturity, to produce the white dry wine that conveys all the characteristics of Paros vineyard.



This wine is produced from grapes of the Mandilaria and Aidani Mavro varieties, which come from our winery’s vineyards and are cultivated under the integrated system management. 



This wine is produced from grapes of the Aidani Mavro variety, which come from our winery’s vineyards and are cultivated under the integrated system management. 



This wine is produced from grapes of the Asyrtiko, Malagousia and Monemvasia varieties, which come from our winery’s vineyards and are cultivated under the integrated system management. 


Our varieties

asteras paros winery asyrtiko

Asyrtiko is a white Greek variety originating from Santorini, that produces today some world-class wines. The key feature of the variety is the combination of full ripening and high potential alcohol content with comparable high acidity even when cultivated in dry environments and at high average temperatures. It mainly produces white dry wines featuring volume, structure, thickness and long aftertaste, as well as particular minerality that prevails over the aromatic character. It is also characterized by the aging potential of the produced wines, which can be up to 15 years.

asteras paros winery malagoyzia

Malagousia is a white Greek variety, believed to originate from Aitoloakarnania, which was however discovered and commercialized in Porto Carras estate in Chalkidiki in the 1980s. Although it is among the newest varieties, it is also constantly growing being at the moment a commercial success in overseas markets. It produces wines with typical complexity of aromas, intensity of fruit, botanical tones and flowers, as well as freshness and spark in the mouth, without missing depth. Many times, the wines produced keep their good taste even 2 to 3 years after production.

asteras paros winery monemvasia

Monemvasia is the white variety of Paros, originating from Laconia, as its name indicates. It is the only white variety that participates in both white and red (along with Mandilaria) PDO wines as well as in sweet wines. It produces PDO Paros and PDO Monemvasia Malvasia. It is a high-yield variety, and therefore requires special attention as to the vine-growing techniques that will be followed in order to limit robustness and yield and to maintain as high as possible acidity and aromatic potential. It produces wines with strong vegetation and fruit tones along with a sense of smoothness and refinement in the mouth.

asteras paros winery mandilaria
Mandilaria vine

Mandilaria is the red variety originating from the Cyclades, and also from Attica, the Dodecanese and Crete along with other local varieties. It is cultivated both in Paros and Santorini, but on the island of Paros it produces the red PDO Paros wine (sometimes combined with Monemvasia). Its wines are deep red-coloured with aromas of ripe red fruits, herbs and the scent of musk. They feature moderate body, high acidity and plenty of tannins. Proper and careful cultivation and vinification are essential for the production of quality wines. With strong aging potential, so that its wines are often better to taste at least 2 years after their production year.

asteras paros winery aidani black
Aidani Mavro

Aidani Mavro is the red clone of the corresponding white Aidani variety, Aidani Aspro. Although Aidani Aspro is cultivated in various areas of the country, mostly islands, Aidani Mavro can be found today almost exclusively on the island of Paros. It produces large bunches with typical intense aroma of flowers and fruits, moderate body and low acidity. Such characteristics make it ideal for the production of light red as well as rosé wines.

asteras paros winery aspro aidani
Aidani Aspro

Aidani Aspro is a variety originating from the Cyclades, that is found today mostly in Santorini, and also in Paros. A variety quite resistant to the dry-heat conditions of the Aegean islands, being at the same time productive enough, even in water scarcity conditions, thanks to its typical very large bunches. The aromatic identity of the wines produced is quite special with banana, melon, tropical fruit and jasmine flowers being the prevailing scents. The mouth-feel has moderate acidity, quite robust body and fast finish. It produces excellent apéritif wines, as well as sweet ones from sun-dried grapes. 

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